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Car Insurance Renewal Process

Car Insurance Renewal Process

Auto insurance policies in the UAE grant cover for a 13-month period. The additional month is a mandatory requirement as per UAE traffic laws. When you are close to the 12th month of your car insurance renewal in current policy, this is when your existing insurance company will reach out to you with a notice to renew the policy with them. It is now left to you to take a decision whether to continue with the same policy or look for other options to upgrade your policy. Now with the help of digitalized services and government movement towards ‘Smart city Initiatives’ services, the process of renewal of car policy is simple and hassle-free.

Documents Checklist

Whenever it is the time of car insurance renewal always prepared a checklist of the relevant documents to be provided, to avoid unnecessary delay or hassle.

The documents that an individual must have during renewal are

  • Emirates identification card (ID card)
  • UAE driving license
  • Vehicle registration details

Pay Your Traffic Fines

Traffic violation fines if any, should be paid on time before the renewal. Not only it will clear your name form outstanding fines but also accelerate your renewal process. For your convenience, now you can easily pay your dues online through the RTA website or through the Dubai RTA app on your phone.

Get Your No-claim Discounts

Having No-claim discounts in your auto protective coverage can cut down the significant amount in drivers’ monthly car premiums.

During your insurance renewal process, you can avail of this or make this part of your new policy. If you have not been involved in any traffic violation or accident for the past couple of years, then it is high time to get your reward for being a good driver and not making any claims under your existing policy.

Test Your Car

The new automobiles in the UAE, that are less than three years old do not have to undergo a car testing process. If these cars are older than the limit, then they must visit the RTA site and take the test. A passed certificate is given to those cars who clear the test and are considered roadworthy.

The criteria of the passed certificate are based on treatment of

  • The tyres
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Chassis attachments

This entire process takes good 30 to 40 minutes depending upon the car you possess.

Decision To Change Cover Or Not:

The car insurance renewal process gives you an option to decide whether to stick to your existing/old policy or upgrade with new reasonable add-ons coverage plans.

Evaluate comprehensive and third-party insurance to seek the best deals and


  • If your car is new, then the comprehensive cover is best for you.
  • For old or repaired car basic third-party insurance is good enough to pursue.