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Claims process for Car Insurance

  • The process of reporting a claim starts at the accident scene. Gather information about the timeline of events, damage and injuries caused. Record evidence to get the best possible compensation.
  • Here are basic steps for submission of the claim
    • Report the accident and obtain a police report
    • Notify the insurance company immediately and capture evidence of damage
    • Fill the claim form, submit the requested documents along with the policy number (mentioned on the car registration card).
    • You will be further guided on the course of action as per your policy schedule.
    • Documents required
      • Police report
      • Driving license
      • Car registration document (Mulkiya)
      • Car modifying certificate (if any)
      • Filled claim form
      • Additional documents as requested by insurer

    Claims process for Health Insurance

    • Direct billing – claims occurred within the network will be honoured on direct billing basis as per policy terms
    • Reimbursement – claims occurred outside the network will be honoured on reimbursement basis as per policy terms along with insurer requirements.
      • Written Claim intimation to TPA mentioning your card number and contact details
      • Claim form should be duly filled by treating Doctor
      • All diagnostic reports including prescription
      • Pharmacy bills including prescription
      • Discharge summary duly signed and stamped by treated hospital
      • Please ensure to submit before the prescribed date of submission
      • In certain cases, insurance companies will also require the original copies for verification

    Claims process for Travel Insurance

    Intimation to be shared with the insurer within 24 hours of the claim occurrence to the toll-free number provided in the policy or in the website depends upon country of visit.

    • Claim form
    • Police report for lost items
    • Copy of your boarding passes
    • Bills of purchases
    • Other information as requested by insurers

    Claims process for Home Insurance

    Intimidation has to be shared with the insurer within 24 hours of the claim occurrence.

    • Insurers depute surveyor to assess the loss who will guide insured measures to be taken to make the good of the loss.
    • Documents required
      • Claim form
      • Police report for Fire and Theft claims
      • Estimates for repairs
      • Bills for stolen items
      • Claim bill with supporting documents
      • Other documents as requested by insurer/ surveyor

    For admissible claims insurer will provide discharge receipt for loss assessment based on Loss adjusted recommendations.

    Claims process for Life Insurance

    Intimidation has to be shared with the insurer within a reasonable time of claim occurrence.

    Accordingly, the insurer will require additional details to process the claim as per the policy terms and conditions which may include but are not limited to –

    • Claim application form
    • Death certificate (if applicable)
    • Medical reports (if applicable)
    • Policy report (if applicable)