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All about ‘Mandatory Health Insurance’ in Dubai

Category: Health Insurance Published on: 1 Jul 2022

‘Mandatory Health Insurance’ in Dubai

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To make the best healthcare facilities available to all, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) rolled out minimum health insurance for all residents and workers in Dubai also known as Mandatory Health Insurance’ in Dubai.  Also known as the Basic Health Plan or Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), the policy ensures access to quality healthcare at affordable rates for lower salaried workers, domestic servants and dependents such as children, non-working spouse and elderly parents. 

 Launched in 2014, the mandatory EBP was finally implemented by the end of 2016. This scheme was created to ensure that the health of even the most vulnerable workers is protected at a nominal price and employers could afford to provide mandatory health insurance benefits for their employees. 

 Here’s all you need to know about the basic health insurance in Dubai

Package cost  

Lower-salaried band employees (less than AED 4000) can take all the essential health benefits at reasonable costs with standard packages ranging from AED 650 to AED 750 per annum. This is the best option available for expats to protect the health of their kids and non-working spouse and drive down healthcare costs associated with routine medical check-ups or treatment of illnesses. 

Medical coverage  

EBP provides medical insurance coverage up to an annual claim limit of AED 150,000. It covers costs associated with regular illnesses, check-ups, emergency treatments, tests, medication and both inpatient and outpatient treatments. The emergency treatment is limited for people living within the UAE only. 

– Inpatient services: For basic inpatient treatment services (diagnosis, tests and surgeries), there’s a 20% co-pay that’s capped at AED 500 per encounter or a maximum of AED 1,000 per year. The insurer is liable to pay any fees above this. You can avail the ambulance services in case of any emergency. 

– Outpatient treatment: This includes the doctor’s consultation fees, diagnostic tests and treatment, with 20% payable by the insured. 

– Medicines: An annual limit of AED 1,500 is set for medicines/drugs per person and includes a 30% co-pay per prescription 

 Maternity cover 

Women can take maternity coverage plan under EBP plan, which includes: 

– Outpatient services: Get eight prenatal visits, antenatal blood tests and three ultrasounds with 10% co-pay by the insured. 

– Inpatient services: There is coverage for normal delivery costs up to AED 7,000 and up to AED 10,000 for C- section with 10 % co-payment. Also, 30 days of coverage is available to the mother’s insurance policy for the newborn child. This includes tests and screenings. 

 Pre-existing conditions 

One needs to declare any pre-existing or chronic medical conditions at the time of application for insurance. We can get the medical coverage after a six month of waiting period.


Every resident of Dubai is legally are required to have a basic form of private medical cover. Irrespective of whether you’re employed or Not. Even issuance or renewals of residency visas won’t go further unless you have obtained health insurance coverage. Every uninsured month will attract a fine of 500 AED. 

 Now that you know the significance of medical insurance in Dubai secure your workers or dependent’s health with the best insurance policy from a trusted insurance broker in the UAE. 

 Your health, our promise

Whether you’re looking for family health insurance, group medical insurance in Dubai or any kind of information on the health insurance market in UAE, get in touch with our insurance advisors. We will run you through a simple process of buying insurance. It will  make it easy for you to select the cheapest health insurance for your family in UAE as per your budget. 

Get Health Insurance Quotes – Individuals, Dependents, Investor Visa  & Golden Visa holders
Get Group Health Insurance Quotes for your employees