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Demystifying Health Insurance in the UAE: Your Questions Answered

Category: Health Insurance Published on: 18 Aug 2023

Demystifying Health Insurance in the UAE

Health insurance is a crucial aspect of living a secure and healthy life, regardless of where you are in the world. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), health insurance is mandatory for all citizens and residents. However, navigating the ins and outs of health insurance can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll address some common questions about medical insurance in the UAE to help you better understand the system and make informed decisions.

Is health insurance mandatory for everyone in the UAE?

Yes, health insurance is mandatory for all citizens and residents of the UAE. The government has made it a legal requirement to have health insurance coverage to access healthcare services in both the public and private sectors.

What is the basic health insurance plan in the UAE?

The basic health insurance plan in the UAE is known as the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP). It is designed to provide essential healthcare coverage to all citizens and low-income residents. The EBP offers coverage for essential services and treatments, including consultations with general practitioners and specialists, emergency care, diagnostic tests, and inpatient treatments.

Can I choose a Comprehensive Health Insurance plan instead of the EBP?

Yes, if you are a resident in the UAE and your salary exceeds a certain threshold (determined by each emirate), you have the option to choose Comprehensive Health Insurance plans provided by approved insurance providers. These private plans offer a broader range of coverage and additional benefits, such as access to a wider network of hospitals and clinics.

How do I select the right health insurance plan for my needs?

Choosing the right health insurance plan depends on various factors, including your budget, specific healthcare needs, and preferred hospitals or clinics. Consider the coverage options, network of healthcare providers, annual premiums, and any additional benefits before making a decision. It’s advisable to compare different plans and seek advice from insurance brokers if needed.

Does health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Health insurance plans in the UAE do not cover undeclared pre-existing conditions (PEC). A pre-existing condition is a health issue that you had before obtaining the insurance. Such conditions need to be declared in order for them to get covered. Whenever any condition is declared insurance company will ask for an additional loading premium to cover the PEC.

Can I use my health insurance outside the UAE?

It depends on your health insurance plan. Some Comprehensive Health Insurance plans may offer international coverage, allowing you to access healthcare services abroad. However, the extent of coverage and specific conditions may vary, so it’s essential to check with your insurance provider about international coverage details.

How do I make a claim with my health insurance?

Mostly all the plans cover direct billing inside their network list. To make a reimbursement claim, you typically first need to check if your plan covers reimbursement claims for out-of-network claims. Provide the necessary documents, such as medical receipts and invoices, to your insurance provider. Most insurance companies have online portals or mobile apps to facilitate the claims process, making it convenient and efficient.


Understanding health insurance is essential for ensuring you have access to quality healthcare when you need it. Whether you opt for the mandatory Essential Benefits Plan or a Comprehensive Health Insurance plan, knowing the details and asking the right questions will help you make well-informed decisions about your health coverage. Remember to compare plans, consider your specific needs, and consult with insurance experts to find the best fit for you and your family’s health insurance requirements in the UAE.

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