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Retaining talent with an appropriate health insurance package

Category: Insurance Sector News Published on: 28 Nov 2023

Employee retention is important for every organization. When it comes to considering a job change, 40% of UAE employees consider the quality of their healthcare package.

According to a recent survey conducted by Bupa Global and Sukoon, in the UAE, 50% of respondents consider healthcare benefits essential, particularly for those aged 21-24.

Embracing age diversity and fostering inclusivity are crucial for workplace success. Catering to the diverse healthcare needs of employees across generations can help organizations differentiate themselves and improve employee retention.

What Age Diversity Means in the Workplace

Most UAE employees (58%) identified “Acceptance of all ages in the workplace” as the key meaning of age diversity in the workplace. In addition, nearly half of the employees (47%) cited age diversity as a source of “rich experiences and knowledge”.

Age diversity and inclusion in the workplace are important to two-thirds of senior leaders (70%)

A new survey conducted by Sukoon and Bupa Global on workplace inclusion and age diversity has been released. Among UAE organizations, the survey explores how a company’s age diversity impacts its healthcare.

In order to foster creativity and a positive working environment, senior leaders and decision-makers agree that age diversity and inclusion are essential. A majority of mid to junior-level employees (65%) agree with this sentiment, underscoring its importance.

HealthCare Benefits Are Key to Differentiation

The quality of the healthcare package is regarded as a top priority by two out of five respondents (40%) when making a job change decision. This is particularly important for the age group of 21-24. Half of respondents (50%) consider healthcare benefits a crucial factor. In addition, a third of respondents (34%) prioritized financial recognition as their top benefit at their current jobs, followed by better healthcare (28%).

There is a significant majority (75%) of UAE employees who desire substantial control over their health insurance coverage. In the 45-54 age group, this figure reached 71%, and in the 25-34 age group, it reached 81%.

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