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Steps Before Purchasing a Vehicle Insurance Plan in UAE

Category: Car Insurance Published on: 24 Mar 2021

Steps Before Purchasing a Vehicle Insurance Plan in UAE

Your vehicle is your prized asset and you need to take the necessary measures to protect it on the road. Although no vehicle is fully protected against unforeseen incidents, a good vehicle insurance plan will cover your vehicle against financial contingencies arising in case of damages or loss.

To get the best insurance policy you need to conduct proper research, compare different insurance policies and finalize a plan that suits your requirements. We walk you through the steps for buying vehicle insurance:

Study details of the insurance policy

Before opting a vehicle insurance cover, read the inclusions in a standard policy. The coverage differs from one insurer to another insurer; hence you should carefully read the terms and conditions to know the extent of coverage.

As a first-time buyer, you may not be aware of the basic covers and add-ons. It is advised that you clarify the mandatory covers with the insurance broker. Once you get the coverage from different companies, evaluate them as per your suitability.

Choose a policy that suits your vehicle requirements

In a hurry to avail a vehicle insurance, you may blindly sign the policy only to regret later. At the time of claim you realize the coverage is not as expected. It is important that you patiently understand the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

A few vehicle insurance companies in UAE customize the insurance policy according to the vehicle model. It is advised to opt a policy in sync with your vehicle type and usage requirement.

Choose among the distinct add-on benefits

Always select a plan that adequately caters to varied risks and provides a maximum buffer to your financial security at a reasonable rate. An inadequate plan puts your financial security at risk.

Depending on the vehicle model, the frequency and places of travel, you can opt for add-ons such as GCC cover, windscreen coverage, agency repairs, passenger cover and more to get the benefits that suit your requirements.

Evaluate the charges

Premiums can drastically differ based on the vehicle’s make and age, driver’s history, vehicle’s claim history and other such factors. The cheapest may not necessarily offer the best coverage. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and luxury vehicles have higher premium quotes.

Consent to pay the premium only after you obtain a clear idea on the extent of coverage. Evaluate the add-on benefits and understand how they affect the premium. Understand for what all benefits you are paying for before you consent to buy.

Compare insurance plans and quotes

Before buying vehicle insurance policy, compare the quotes from minimum 5-6 insurance providers.

The quote comparison helps you to get a better deal after weighing the benefits vs cost.

We hope you keep this guide in mind while selecting an insurance plan for your vehicle.

Are you looking to purchase an insurance policy for your car? Log onto site to identify the best plans and select a policy that offers maximum protection at an affordable rate for your vehicle.

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