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The Importance of Insuring your Home

Category: Home Insurance Published on: 2 May 2021

The Importance of Insuring your Home in UAE

Your home is your biggest asset, and it would be traumatizing to lose everything in a fire or flood, and it could be even worse if you do not have a home insurance. One of the wisest investments you will make is investing in a home insurance. Home insurance plans provide an extensive all-round protection which covers your house, your family and any third-party liability which may arise.

Listed below are the practical benefits that a home insurance policy can offer you:

Cover for the structure:

This cover protects the physical structure of the house against a variety of risks and damage and includes the building, electrical equipment, air-conditioning and heating facilities and so on.

Coverage of outbuilding structures:

A home insurance policy will provide cover for additional non-attached structures surrounding the house such as garage, backyard patio, fence, dog canal or swimming pool.

Cover for home’s content:

The policy covers your personal property or the contents of your house against a variety of risks that include all electrical appliances, electronics, furniture, and expensive assets like jewelry. However, most insurance companies set a specified limit for different items of personal possession.

Cover for loss of use:

An important feature of a home insurance policy is the alternate accommodation clause that comes into play if your property suddenly becomes uninhabitable due to fire, floods or damage caused by a storm. The cover is designed to reimburse the incurred expenses to the policy holder for alternate living arrangements such as hotel, travel, and food, in case the insured house is destroyed by a cause included in the insurance.

Liability cover:

This coverage compensates the homeowner for damage caused to any third party. It is most important feature of any home insurance policy. It provides coverage for injuries or damage to third-party property. Which result of your fault and repair bills, as well as your legal fees. The bark of your tree that damaged your neighbor’s roof could be an example. In this case, the cost of repair or any legal charges of a lawsuit filed is covered under the insurance. Liability coverage is included on most standard home insurance policies.

Coverage for medical expenses:

The policy offers coverage for any medical treatment to the third party for any bodily harm or injuries. This is when they are in your house or on your property. This could be injuries sustained after an accidental slip on the staircase or a dog bite on premise.

With such comprehensive benefits that shield your home, getting your home insured is not an option, it is a necessity. The specific protection you get from your policy will depend on the type of policy that you purchase.

It is always better to be safe than sorry with regards to security of your home. Get in touch with our insurance advisors to help evaluate your home insurance needs. Make an informed decision with an appropriate policy that also fits your budget.