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Travel Insurance for Maximum Coverage in UAE

Category: Travel Insurance Published on: 2 Jan 2023

Travel Insurance in UAE

Travelling, especially long distances for pleasure or for business brings with it risks in many forms and we need travel insurance. Air and sea travel are not alone when it comes to risk exposure – your safety is equally at risk even when you travel by road, stay in a hotel, or eat food in a restaurant when you travel to locations in other continents and countries.

There are several influential factors that made travel insurance mandatory. For every traveller in Dubai and other major cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah in UAE, travel insurance is a simple solution to protect against trip interruptions, cancellations, emergency evacuations, accidental deaths, and loss or damage to luggage or personal possessions

It is also important to buy insurance that cover for expensive cameras, cash, jewelry, and mobile phones that are easy targets for mugging. It is therefore important to buy travel insurance in Dubai itself before you board an aircraft or a passenger ship.

High-priority Insurance in Dubai for Travelers

Here are 4 high priorities to include in the insurance coverage that every traveller must have.

  1. Baggage and personal belongings theft/loss in a foreign country
  2. Medical expenses due to infection, bodily attack, or automobile accidents
  3. Repatriation expenses due to political problems
  4. Expenses due to flight delays or cancellations

Not all insurance policies are the same. Depending on the money that you pay for the insurance policy, you will get different levels of coverage. Coverage is the money that insurance companies give the policyholder (or nominees) when the insured suffers a loss due to one or other reasons.

How to Buy Travel Insurance in Dubai?

Buying insurance is not a straightforward task. If you are a first-time traveller living in Dubai, you are likely to get confused by endless insurance options, the large number of insurance companies, and the money that you have to pay for getting insurance coverage.

Most conditions of insurance coverage are difficult to understand and are easily misunderstood by travellers. It is therefore recommended that travellers buy travel insurance online in Dubai from an approved insurance broker in UAE. This is how regular and frequent international travellers do to save money on premium payments. When you become a frequent traveller, your broking company will keep you update about the latest offers and buy travel insurance online on your behalf.

About InsurancePolicy.AE is an online insurance comparison website that helps casual, frequent, and regular travellers to compare and buy the insurance in simple steps. You can compare travel insurance online from different insurance companies and get the needed insurance coverage instantly. makes buying  insurance simple and easy.

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