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Why Comparison is Important When Buying Insurance?

Category: Expert Advice Published on: 17 Feb 2023

Compare and Buy Insurance Online in UAE

There are a large number of insurance companies operating in the UAE. Each company has its own specialty. It can leave the potential customer confused because there are many terms and conditions in the fine print. Don’t get carried away by the price you pay as a premium. Comparison is Important When Buying Insurance. is a unique online platform for buying insurance policies for all types of customers. At the platform, you can compare prices and many other comparisons such as sum assured, ease of buying, settlement processes rate, and past track records in settling claim processing.

Common insurance genres

Car Insurance – If you own a car, you should buy car insurance. It is the law in UAE and most countries around the world.

Health Insurance – Health-related problems are common to all people. Buying health insurance is an excellent investment because it unburdens hospital bills.

Home Insurance – It is one of the most commonly bought insurance policies. Home insurance covers not only damages to the building, but also the property kept inside the premises.

Other common insurance types include corporate insurance (Group Medical Insurance, motor fleet insurance, liability insurance, property insurance, marine cargo insurance, engineering & construction Insurance), travel, and life insurance.

Common Comparison Points

Term Life Insurance

Minimum entry age, Maximum entry age, Minimum policy tenure, Maximum policy tenure, Payout options, Add-ons you can buy, and Medical checkup requirements.

Car Insurance

Comprehensive insurance Vs Third Party Costs, Value acceptance for the car by the insurance company, no-claim bonus allowance, and additional covers.

Home Insurance

Coverage provided by the insurance, damages for natural disasters, deductibles for premium, and annual renewal premium.

Health Insurance

Geographical Coverage of the policy, Network of Hospitals & Clinics, Annual Limit of the policy with sub-limits, Access to hospitals & specialists