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Enjoy a Stress-free Holiday Experience with Travel Insurance!

Category: Travel Insurance Published on: 2 Apr 2022

Stress-free Holiday Experience with Travel Insurance in UAE!

With life and work schedules repeating themselves, you need a break from routine to experience new things. Though travel is fun and exciting, it also calls for protection and responsibility on your part. Travel insurance is the perfect solution

As a globetrotter, your safety must be a priority during travel. Over the years, we have seen a lot of people get into trouble because of a lack of travel insurance while on holidays. One piece of advice we give you is to apply for travel insurance before you leave on a vacation. Though by luck you may never encounter situations to use insurance, you can sleep a whole lot better and vacation worry-free knowing about coverages if anything untoward happens.

Owning a travel insurance offers financial protection against emergencies that come out of nowhere and offers coverage for sickness, accidental injuries, stolen baggage or canceled flights. It gives you a sense of protection against mishaps on a trip, which can cost you heavily if you’re not prepared.

Here are compelling reasons why owning a travel insurance before you fly on holidays is the best decision you can take.

Peace of mind during travel

A good insurance broker assures you peace of mind for you to enjoy your holidays to your heart’s desire, without fearing the consequences. You can venture into adventurous activities like skiing, surfing, or diving without worrying about the financial expenses in case of an accident. As insurance indemnifies you against financial losses, you aren’t at risk of running high on emergency bills in a foreign land. Even if you’re sick or injured, you can avail of medical airlifts and treatment at the best hospitals knowing the expenses are covered.

Travel Safety 

Since the pandemic, the travel scene has changed. You’d never know when flights get delayed or canceled, and you run the risk of running out of cash. In such cases, you’ll be reimbursed a certain amount as per the policy schedule for an unplanned night’s stay at a hotel and food expenses among other things. Even in situations where your baggage is misplaced or stolen, you’ll be compensated for loss up to an approved sum. This turns into huge help for your safety as you wait for your baggage to turn up.

Personal liability protection

During international travel, if by any chance you cause any damage to a third person or their property, your travel insurance will provide compensation against such liabilities. This may cover anything from small expenses to big costs. Suppose you have accidentally spilled something on a stranger’s phone or baggage,  asked for compensation,  this cover comes in handy.

Undeniably, a good number of benefits make it essential to buy travel insurance.

* Note: As a matter of caution, travel insurance is no license to justify reckless behaviour on tours. Suppose you caused an accident driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your insurance will refuse to cover you. Also, some insurances refuse to cover high-risk adventure sports. This includes bungee jumping, or parachuting, unless you have chosen extra coverage. Read the policy carefully to understand the terms of coverage.

Buy travel insurance to secure your upcoming trip

Travel insurance is the best helping hand in unexpected situations and saves you from feeling helpless. We suggest you buy travel insurance while making the initial booking for airfare or cruise package. This way you maximize your coverage period in case you need to cancel your trip due to unavoidable reasons. There are several affordable  insurance plans in the UAE insurance market online to protect your trip. Get in touch with our insurance brokers to select the best one.

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