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Making a successful Travel Insurance Claim

Category: Travel Insurance Published on: 1 May 2021

Making a successful Travel Insurance Claim in UAE

Whenever you purchase a travel insurance plan, one crucial thing you must be aware of is the right procedure to make a claim. The claim process should have clarity about claim process to ensure that you get the benefits. Filing claims for the very first time could be puzzling. But once you submitted the claims the process looks easy and get more confidence.

We explain below the steps you must follow for making a successful travel insurance claim in UAE:

Carry all documents

It is advised to always carry the policy documents while traveling. If you are unable to carry the physical copy of the policy, it is recommended to carry a photocopy or save a softcopy of this document. Always note down the policy number. Various relevant documents like claim form, passport, original tickets and bills must be kept handy anytime of the claim process.

Call the insurance company

Always call the travel insurance company prior to submitting a claim to understand the claim process and the supporting documents required as per the case of the insured. The email address and the toll-free number of the insurer are mentioned in the policy documents. The process is usually straightforward for filling out forms and submitting them with supporting documentation.

Attach supporting documents

Different documents or evidence are requested as per the reason for filing the claim. In case of a trip delay or cancellation, provide details of the event that caused the delay. For lost luggage, the statement from the airline authority for reimbursement needs to be obtained. Medical records and a note from a doctor may satisfy medical-related claims and a letter from an employer about a schedule change may satisfy a work-related cancellation. Any supporting information additionally requested by the insurer should also be provided.

Important documents required for filing a claim:
  • Identification documents such as your passport copy or Emirates ID (within UAE only).
  • In case of international travel, you might have to submit flight (other travel) tickets. You have to submit these documents to claims related to trip delay, trip cancellation, etc.
  • If there is a trip cancellation related to a medical issue, the insurance company might need a doctor’s certificate stating the same.
  • In case you are admitted to a hospital, you need to submit a discharge card from the hospital where you were treated.
  • In case of an unfortunate event of an accident, you need to submit the relevant hospital bills for a reimbursement claim.
  • Airport correspondence documentation from authorities becomes crucial in case of baggage delay/loss.
  • A First Information Report (FIR) from police officials is required for claims related to theft of baggage.
  • If you lose your passport on your foreign trip, you need to submit a photocopy of the document along with the claim form.
Submit the claim

One should email a filled-in claim form along with substantiating documents. After claim submission, a surveyor is appointed by the insurance company to assess the case of the insured and process the claim accordingly. After you claim is accepted you will receive the payoff.

Travel insurance claims usually take a few weeks to process. However, complicated claims take a longer time. If the claim is denied, contact your insurance agent for further assistance.

A wise move would be to contact our expert team of insurance advisors to help clarify any concerns you might have pertaining to insurance documents or claims procedures.

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