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Introduction to UAE Law and Steps for Car Registration

Introduction to UAE Law and Steps for Car Registration

Under the UAE law it is required, that every vehicle on the road is insured. In any of the emirate cities, if you do not have a motor insurance, you would be subject to penalization by the Road Transport Authorities (RTA). As per UAE laws, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to buy insurance plans for their vehicles with minimum third-party liability coverage.

If you are purchasing a new car from the showroom, the dealer will take care of the registration paperwork for you. You can also do the registration through the various RTA service centres or service providers.

You need the following documents to register your car

  • Copy of passport, emirates ID and valid residence visa
  • Rental contract in UAE under your name
  • Proof of employment in UAE
  • Traffic file
  • Vehicle passing paper
  • UAE customs card/possession certificate
  • Electronic or physical sale agreement between showroom and buyer
  • Vehicle Insurance (valid for 6 months or more)
  • Letter from the bank (if the car has been financed)

Once you have these documents in order, you can visit the RTA customer happiness centers or the Tasjeel, Wasel or Testing Centers. Then, you can submit the required documents, and pay the service fees. The entire process will typically take around 10 minutes if there are no outstanding fines to be paid. After paying the new car registration fees, you will receive the vehicle license card (also known as the Mulkiya ), vehicle number plates and expiry stickers.

Validity Of Car Registration

The validity of vehicle registration in Dubai is one year, after which it must be renewed again.

Method For Car Registration Renewal:

In the UAE we got two alternatives to get the car registration renewed.

  • Online Process:

    For car registration visit the Dubai RTA website. Submit all the necessary documents online and confirm the registration procedures.

    You will receive the notification to get your new policy from the office or couriers. The application for registration is processed within five working days after the payment has been made.

  • In-Person Process:

    In this method, you must get in the line and wait to get your car renewal at the registration centre and then pay the renewal fees.

    You get the renewed registration card with expiration date mentioned in the sticker. Place this sticker on the rear number plate of your car on the old plate.

Renew Your Car Registration Before The Grace Period:

After your car registration expires by the law you get 30 days grace period to get your car renewed again. If you fail to do this under this period, you will have to face severe penalties.