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Third Party Liability Insurance


A third party liability insurance policy is the most basic and mandatory form of motor insurance as per UAE law. The policy covers legal liability to a third party resulting from a car accident where the insured is at fault. It covers death or bodily injury sustained by a third party or person. It also extends coverage to third party property damage caused by the vehicle of the insured.

The downside of third-party plans is that no protection is provided for the damage or total loss caused to your own vehicle. Anyone who buys third-party insurance should be ready to meet the repair expenses arising from an accident on their own.

The coverage includes

  • Third party injuries as per count verdict.
  • Third party property damage up to AED 2,000,000. However, some insurers offer higher limits.
  • Ambulance chargers up to AED 6,770 per accident.
  • Rent a car facility for insured for no- fault claim up to a period of 6 days.

The coverage under TPL does not include:

  • Cover for the damage to the insured vehicle.
  • Vehicle replacement option is not provided, however due to no fault is covered.
  • Injuries caused to the insured driver and passengers during the accident.


The eligibility criteria for purchasing basic TPL motor insurance in the UAE is as follows:

  • Anyone can buy a basic car insurance in UAE provided he/she is a resident and is above 18 years of age.
  • You need to have a valid UAE driving license.